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2017 Workshops (2018 information coming soon)

Don’t miss this new event where homeschool families can get a glimpse of the support and resources available to them in southeast Texas.

Admission is $10+tax when you purchase your tickets online HERE. At the door, admission will be $15 sales tax included. (18 and under attend free with adult attendees.) Pay with Paypal, bring your receipt to the expo and walk on in to visit co-op and support group leaders, business exhibits and informative workshops Friday, June 22nd from 2 pm until 6 pm and from 9am until 4pm Saturday, June 23 at Ford Park Entertainment Complex in Beaumont, TX. At the Door Entry begins at 1:45pm Friday and Exhibit Hall opens at 2:00 pm. Saturday, the doors will open for entry at 9:00 am workshops will begin at 9:30 am. 


Below are the workshops that will be available throughout the day.  Here is our workshop schedule.

You’ll be able to attend informative and encouraging workshops by area educational professionals and veteran homeschool moms and dads:

Assessing and Working With Dyslexia- The Multisensory Reading Center where Jen Parra and Julie O’Brien help parents of struggling readers, writers or learners assess the needs of their children and work toward proficiency will provide a remote consultation with attendees who sign up at their exhibit booth and participate in a brief assessment online conducted by a current client who praises the amazing results of their program.  Jen Parra founded the Multisensory Reading Center in 2015 and has over 12 years of experience working with children who have learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, LD, and ESL students. She believes that all children can reach their potential with patience and multi-sensory teaching methods.  She also enjoys working with parents to help them better understand how to support their child with learning differences. Julie O’Brien has close to 25 years of experience with children who struggle with reading and writing. Her experience includes dyslexia, Reading Recovery, and comprehension strategies. She believes that all children can gain confidence and develop skills to become successful readers and writers. Both are certified language specialists and will offer a free dyslexia screening at their booth and schedule counseling either remotely or online after the expo. Find out about Multisensory Reading here.    (Register online for screening.)

Preparing a High School Transcript- David Mosley, a local homeschool dad and Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants at Lamar Institute of Technology will give you the details on how to prepare your child’s path through high school such that when you are considering college entrance, there will be nothing to fear.  Experience is what he shares with you! He has graduated 6 of his own children from high school, each going on to post secondary institutions holding an effective and more than acceptable Texas private school transcript. Experience is your friend! He’ll show you how to prepare your child’s path in high school, how to account for credits and scores and how to prepare the transcript that will be accepted by colleges and universities without question. Did we mention he has experience that will help you? Mr. Mosley has been a benefactor to the homeschool community of southeast Texas in his role at LIT and as a gracious helper to any who have asked for his assistance. Lighthouse Educational Services is proud to sponsor this workshop and we look forward to hosting Mr. Mosley and other dedicated homeschool parents in workshops throughout the year at our new facility at Ridgewood Church in Port Arthur.

Homeschool For Free: Everything you need to know about how to minimize the financial cost of homeschooling to nearly nothing- Years of experience and knowledge will be tapped in this workshop provided by Jube Dankworth of Texas Home Educators.  Jube educated her own children at home and now spends time scheduling and taking field trips with her homeschooled grandchildren. Speaking with thousands of home educating parents and seeing the needs of the community, Jube has dedicated her time, talents and more than three decades of experience to helping homeschools thrive in Texas. She knows the challenges of homeschooling, including the cost, where to find curriculum and online resources that won’t cost you anything and how to make homeschooling work. Get the advice you need and soak up the experience to make homeschool easy, effective and virtually FREE!

Curriculum and Resource Fair- You will find a balcony filled with curriculum and published resources for you to examine and handle at the Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo so that when you are making your decisions to purchase material for your homeschool, it will not be based solely on a picture or online description. Because our nearest homeschool bookstore is over 80 miles away, many of us purchase curriculum based on recommendation or after perusing the internet for hours seeking what we think will meet our particular needs. We want to provide you with a real look at some of what other homeschoolers are using. The books will be for sale and what you don’t find there can be ordered from many publishers free of  shipping charges for this event from Cornerstone Bookstore in Port Arthur. Order from publishers such as Apologia, IEW, Easy Grammar, Berean Builders, Saxon, Christian Liberty and more!

Reprogramming Homeschool- Too many moms think they have to have their child on a public school level in every subject continually and compare themselves to others, whether moms, students or homes. They often are compelled to attempt to complete “public school ” at home. There is so much freedom in homeschooling that people don’t take advantage of. We have to reprogram our minds and hearts from what we have been conditioned and taught for generations of government mandated education to accomplish true homeschooling where we and our children thrive! Bring a notepad and take notes to this uplifting and encouraging workshop by veteran local homeschool mama, Amity Beck. Amity has spent the past years educating her six children at home and learning what it means to both lose and regain the true purpose of homeschooling.  Come prepared to learn from her experience as she shares about the freedom in homeschooling!

Celebrate the Unique You-Are you caught up in the chaos of life and the role you hold as someone’s wife, mother, homeschool teacher, co-worker or church member? Are there days where you feel overwhelmed and you feel like you “just can’t do this anymore”? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to teach your children what they need to know? You and so many other parents have had the same thoughts and you are not alone. The “Celebrate the Unique You” workshop with Renee LoDolce is an encouraging talk to parents on how God has made us each unique with special passions and interests and entrusted us with OUR children for a reason. We are not to compare ourselves with others, or get stressed out about whether or not we are “messing up” our children or if we have the skills and knowledge to “do this.” It’s a fun hour to sit back and relax and rest in our “uniqueness”! Join Renee LoDolce, a homeschool mom of 18 years (though years ago she once claimed she would “NEVER homeschool”!) and thought-provoking author and speaker that resonates with thousands of Christian women and homeschool families in this encouraging and timely workshop. Renee has written an EBook called College Out of the Box, a plan to help other students graduate college in less time and with a minimum amount of money, as well as a women’s Bible study called “Celebrate the Unique You: Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes”. (Her next Bible study will be coming out this summer.) She is never one to follow the crowd and do what others do (except if they are all running toward free chocolate or pizza!). She is a lover of education, books, and helping others traverse the “narrow path.” She has been married to her husband, Torre, for over 23 years (boy, does the time fly!) and resides in Houston, Texas with their teenage son (and all of his smelly, but adorable, teenage friends!)

Home School Veterans Q and A- Have you ever wanted to just sit down with someone who has already completed homeschool or has been involved in it for many years and just get advice and tidbits of wisdom that they have gained from the experience? Well, this is your opportunity to do just that. We’ll have a small panel of moms and graduated students that can tell you about their experiences, what they did to overcome obstacles and what made it all worthwhile.  Nobody knows everything or can tell you what will work for you, but many have gone before you, made the mistakes, learned some things, seen the outcome, and they can share some of that with you as you ask the questions about what concerns you. There will be representatives from large and small families, classical and traditional learning styles, and more. Come visit with them for a while.

Using CPR and First Aid at Home, in School and in a Career- LIT- Interested in CPR and First Aid? Young students often have interest in fields that require a knowledge of first aid procedures. Seeing the application in a demonstration could offer you and your child a view of how it can be applied to his studies, a job, career or ministry. See this demonstration in person from a qualified and experienced LIT Workforce educator and find out if it is a direction for your young student.  From Health Sciences to Safety Awareness LIT Workforce Education has a variety of health and human related programs that will open the door for job opportunities.  If you are looking for ways to help your child find a direction for studies at home during junior and high school, visit this workshop demonstration to get ideas on what direction you want to take to prepare for the future.

A Novel Approach to Teaching– Diana LaRue, a veteran homeschool mom with copious experience in developing a wonderful educational experience for young students will present this workshop to show you how to teach your child to read, write, study history, science and more by writing a book! Diana LaRue has taught as a homeschool teacher for 24 years and has a B.A. degree in English from Texas A&M University. She was a support group leader for Home Educators Resource Organization for 17 years and served as the local contact for both Texas Home School Coalition and South East Texas Home School Association. Additional experience includes 14 years in 4-H, and 17 years of conducting bookmaking projects with children ages 6-17 years old. Diana has been the featured speaker in teleseminars with the topic of homeschooling and has been a keynote homeschool conference speaker. Her conference workshops and support group workshops include: “Homeschooling through High School,” “Taming the High School Transcript,” “4-H Record Books,” and “Children’s Bookmaking.”

Working Moms and Homeschooling- How can you homeschool and work outside the home? Can it be done? Lisa Bland, a working, homeschooling mom will share her experience and how it is working for her. Lisa Bland is a stay at home mom of six from Orange, TX. She has homeschooled for 17 of those 23 years. She started her Mary Kay business March 2013 to supplement her husband’s income. She gets to be a stay at home mom, homeschool her children, and run a successful business! It takes self discipline, organization, focus, but working and homeschooling can be done successfully. If you need ideas and inspiration about making it work – Lisa will encourage you to think out side the box to design a plan for your family to meet your educational and financial needs.

Let’s Play Math Games!-Are you tired of flashcards? Does your child cry when you give another timed math fact quiz? Are you both beating your head against the wall because your child can’t seem to remember the multiples of 7? This workshop will show you fabulous and effective alternatives to worksheets and flashcards by playing easy and fun math card games. Imagine your kids asking you to practice their math facts more! Come and discover games to help your child learn their math facts. Math is all fun and games when you’re young! There’s no reason to make math a chore; Make it a game! RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. The program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards. Let Right Start Mathematics teach you how to teach math by making it enjoyable for you and your child! 

“Is Math Straining your Relationship with your Children? (Let’s Identify the Trouble Spots)” Join Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of “Algebra: A Complete Course”, and “Geometry: A Complete Course”, as he offers an entertaining and educational session designed to help you discover the reasons behind the difficulty, on several of the traditional trouble spots in math. Topics discussed will be determined by the audience, and may include division of fractions and multiplication of decimals (using those mindless rules), long-division, story-problems, positive and negative numbers, and numerous others, all of which seem to indicate that Mathematics is just naturally “difficult”.

Homeschool 101–The Basics-Everything you need to know about getting started homeschooling in Texas- Years of experience and knowledge will be tapped in this workshop provided by local experienced homeschool mom, Diana LaRue. Get the advice you need and soak up the experience to make your homeschool decision easy and effective! Diana LaRue has taught as a homeschool teacher for 24 years and has a B.A. degree in English from Texas A&M University. She was a support group leader for Home Educators Resource Organization for 17 years and served as the local contact for both Texas Home School Coalition and South East Texas Home School Association.

“The Seven Laws of Teaching at Home” –Are we, as parents, sufficiently equipped to teach our own children? Admittedly, we have had little, if any, “formal training”, or “certification”. How can we be confident that our children are going to be well-educated? This informative and entertaining session with Tom Clark, is based on, and adapted from, the respected work of John Milton Gregory, and will focus on effective strategies of instruction which are understandably simple, educationally sound, and ethically founded. Veteran homeschoolers, and newcomers alike, will discover some new ideas, reinforce existing practices, and be encouraged to continue the homeschooling commitment.

“Getting a Head Start on College”–Luke Bourgeois, a homeschool graduate who has learned the ropes and is now helping make the clime easier, will share with you in a concise and informative workshop how your homeschool student can earn college credits, learn a skill, and get a head start on the next step in their education. He’ll discuss how to use Lamar Institute of Technology’s dual-credit program to begin the college journey. Don’t miss this thinking your child is too young! Learn early so you will not miss the opportunities that begin as early as 9th grade. Open the door to the options as your child begins to earn high school credits that will make the most of both or your time.

You may also register ahead for a free Dyslexia screening and consultation with the Multisensory Reading Center by entering you reservation here.

Be sure to visit the websites of our exhibitors and find out more about them by clicking the links in the sidebar of the pages. They are here to support and encourage homeschooling in southeast Texas!