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Register for the 2018 SETX Homeschool Expo here!

Sorry, Pre-registration for the event has closed. Please arrive early to purchase your passes at the door. We Can’t Wait To See Ya!!


Admission to the Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo is $10+tax for adults 18 and over when you purchase your tickets online. (Ticketing fee will be applied.) All students/children admitted free and must be accompanied  by  a parent or guardian.  Admission will be $15 including tax the day of the event.



Why do I have to pay to attend the Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo?

For 8 months a group of homeschool moms and leaders have been preparing the expo for southeast Texas. There are hundreds of hours put into the expo at considerable cost. Gathering hundreds of people, businesses and resources into one place is quite an effort. The small fee of $10 helps us distribute the expenses to all who benefit from this event. We thank you for your support and hope you find everything at the Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo to be a great benefit to your family! 

Registrant Understanding

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds, just as if you had purchased tickets to a concert or sporting event.  If you wish to transfer your registration to another person or family, please email with the transferee name and contact information by June 21st.


Workshops are first come, first seated. Some Workshops will fill up, so make sure to plan ahead for the best seating! You may need to arrive 30 minutes before popular workshops.

Fussy or crying babies or children are expected to be immediately removed from any speaking session or from the Exhibit Hall. If a child is disruptive, the parent is expected to and may be asked to leave the Workshop/Exhibit Hall to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the Expo.

Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by one of their own parents, and parents assume all responsibility for their children and their behavior.

Infants and Toddlers

All children may attend free with their parents. All children must remain under adult supervision at all times during the Expo.

 Nursing Mother’s Room

We are unable to provide a room specifically for nursing mothers at the event. Nursing mothers are encouraged to be discreet and we will do what we can to ensure your comfort.

Speakers and Exhibitors

Listed speakers and exhibitors are confirmed, but there may be circumstances which prevent a speaker/exhibitor from attending. Schedules are subject to change.


Strollers and rolling carts are permitted in the Exhibit area, but due to space constraints as well as potential hazards to your child and other attendees, they are not allowed in the workshop areas.


By submitting my registration, I understand that photographs/videos of the Expo and its attendees will be taken and that photographs/videos of me and/or my family may be used for publicity, advertising, and promotional purposes with no compensation to me or my family.

Literature Distribution

Attendees may not distribute literature of any kind to anyone. This privilege is reserved for Exhibitors and Advertisers only and is restricted to the Exhibit Hall areas and our “Swag Bags.”

The SETX Homeschool Expo staff, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to require anyone deemed disruptive to leave the premises immediately.

Contact Information

Questions or concerns? We’re here to help! For all Expo-related inquiries, contact us by: