Workshop Schedule


2018 Workshop Schedule

Workshop schedule 2018: 

Workshops begin at 2:00 pm Friday, June 22. Enjoy visiting exhibits and workshops until 4:00 pm. While you browse and find information, we will hold drawings and some great interactive and family fun demos! Drawings will be held in the Main Exhibit Hall between workshops throughout the day. Don’t miss them! Workshops have limited seating and are first come, first seated. Please arrive early.  Please note: the schedule below is subject to change.


2:00 pm-2:30 pm

Guest Entry. Exhibit Hall Opens


Town Hall with U.S. Representative James White–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Know Your Style, Find a Vision and Set Some Goals–Brandi Vaughn–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

Is Math Straining Your Relationship with Your Children? Get Some Answers–Tom Clark–Liberty Room (Downstairs)


Teaching Elementary Science with History as a Guide–Dr. Jay Wile–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Seven Steps to Getting Started–THSC Ashley Lawson–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

Children’s Fun and Interactive Workshop–Beaumont Children’s Museum–Liberty Room (Downstairs)


Testing: Options, Prep, and What it Means in High School–Kimberly Garcia —Orange Room(Downstairs)

Planning and Organizing a Homeschool Schedule–Jefferson Room Homeschool Leaders of SETX(Upstairs)


Exhibit Hall Closes. Meet at MCM Elegante for mini-retreat and relaxing evening. (Limited space available. Book early.)


9:00 am-10:00 am

Guest arrival. Exhibit Hall Opens

10:00 am

Critical Thinking in Homeschool Studies–Dr. Jay Wile–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Using CLEP and Dual Credit to Earn a Degree at Home–David Covey–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

Coffee and Conversations: Schooling at Home with Special Needs–Elizabeth Schreck–Liberty Room (Downstairs)

11:00 am

High School Transcript and 4 Year Plan–David Mosley–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Learning Styles–Danielle Bell–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

World of Smiles children’s interactive –Liberty Room–(Downstairs)

12:00 pm  

For your convenience, we have left this hour open for guests to visit the EXHIBIT HALL and CONCESSIONS for lunch, or to be able to leave and return after visiting a local restaurant.

1:00 pm

Teaching Math Without A Plan? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!  –Tom Clark–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Go-Live-Learn: Making the most of Field Trips–Jube Dankworth–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

Fear Factor for Tweens and Teens–Wallkerr School of Life–Liberty Room (Downstairs)

2:00 pm 

Homeschooling and The Law–Ashley Lawson–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Dads Homeschool Too! –Daniel White–Jefferson Room (Upstairs)

Take Care of Yourself, Mom!–Daisy Hargraves–Liberty Room (Downstairs)

3:00 pm

Making the Most of High School:Dual Credit at Work for You–Luke Bourgeois–Orange Room (Downstairs)

Addressing and Conquering Dyslexia–Beverly Parrish–Jefferson RoomA (Upstairs)


Don’t forget: Drawings will be held in the Main Exhibit Hall between Workshops, so go back and visit the Curriculum Sale and the Expo Booths! 


All workshops will be posted , but are subject to change without notice. If a workshop is cancelled, replaced or presented at a different time than posted due to unforeseen events, no refund will be given.