Getting Well Naturally, Lumberton, TX

July 10, 2016


Getting Well Naturally, Lumberton, TX



Getting Well Naturally is a health store located at 1201 S Main Street in Lumberton, TX.

It offers alternative health options through nutrition, purification, and herbs.

Dr. Bill Yeary is a Naturopathic doctor who uses these resources to help the body heal naturally through science backed assistance and Godly principles. The Yeary’s are a long time homeschool family and give support and encourage you through challenges both through health and homeschooling.

Find more information about products and services offered at the Getting Well Naturally Store online at

Come visit his exhibit at the SETX Homeschool Expo and set up an appointment for a nutritional evaluation!SETX Homeschool Expo, Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo


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