Uniquely Southeast Texas

May 15, 2017

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Uniquely Southeast Texas

There is a great community of home school families here in southeast Texas that has its own unique qualities. We’ve grown together  and fought together for home school freedoms. We know the challenges particular to this area as well as the advantages of homeschooling here. Because the purpose of the SETX Homeschool Expo is grassroots and the intention is to tap into the wonderful resources and experience we have right here, we are reaching out to you. There are people among us who have “weathered the storm” and come out with knowledge and experience. They were pioneers in this area and know the end game. Perhaps we could call them homeschool “coaches.”

Lamar Institute of Technology

Yes, there are big home school conferences not too far from us and they have copious resources and

Church on the Rock Theological Seminary

experienced speakers from all over the US to offer advice and information about home schooling. We don’t want to compete with that. In fact, we encourage families to attend those and be strengthened by them. Nobody knows southeast Texas like those of us who live, work and educate here, though. Who better to fortify and revitalize our journey as homeschoolers than those who have worked through it right here in southeast Texas? They know the places to go, the field trips to take. They know the concerns in area public schools when it comes to withdrawing, reentering or utilizing the resources offered there. They have experience with local businesses, colleges and even private schools. As we pool together our resources and our knowledge, we will find that the Lord has equipped us through one another.

Lamar State College Port Arthur

Texas Home Educators

Tell us who you would like to hear from. Let us know who’s brain you would like to drain for ideas to nurture your homeschool journey.  Perhaps you are one of those who has something to share. Maybe you’ve learned something along the way that you could share with other home school families that would inspire, motivate or embolden them. Contact us and let us “plug” you in. We’ll work on bringing people and opportunities to one another through the Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo. Working together, let’s make southeast Texas a uniquely strong homeschool area that engenders coalition and inspires others to take possession of their parental rights, their families’ academic and spiritual growth, and their freedom to homeschool.

Multi Sensory Reading Center


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