Multisensory Reading Center Presents Lexercise, Dyslexia Support

June 7, 2017

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Multisensory Reading Center Presents Lexercise, Dyslexia Support


Reading struggles? There is help that works! Schedule your online screening  and consultation with Multisensory Reading Center by selecting this LINK  then come to the SETX Homeschool Expo in Lumberton, TX on June 24 with your child and complete the screening so that you can start your child on the path to success. The free consultation could lead to the help you need to make reading easy and enjoyable for both of you!

MRC is your partner providing expert help for dyslexia and struggling readers through online Orton-Gillingham based lessons.

Lexercise Dyslexia Therapy –Affordable, Convenient and Online Lexercise is a unique online dyslexia program.  It’s easy to work into your family’s schedule with one weekly session where we guide your child through the structure of the English language.

MRC has helped families in southeast Texas find a solution to reading struggles and you get a chance to meet and speak with one of them with a follow up consultation. Visit the Multisensory Reading Center booth at the SETX Homeschool Expo in Lumberton on June 24 and speak with Lisa Henson and her daughter about the amazing improvement they experienced by working with MRC and Lexercise! Once you have completed your screening, you will receive a complimentary consultation with Julie O’Brien or Jen Parra dyslexia specialists who can tell you about dyslexia and give you insight into how you can assist your child at home as he/she learns with dyslexia. This could be the answer that you need and will be a great resource for SETX parents who are considering homeschooling a struggling learner. Homeschooling allows great flexibility in catering an education profile to meet your child’s needs – especially those who need more one on one time and a individualized pacing.

We are sure you will gain valuable information and tools to plug into your homeschooling journey through opportunity with the Multisensory Reading Center.

Click here to schedule your child’s screening and consultation now.

Julie O’Brien, M.Ed, LDT, CALT

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Julie O’Brien has close to 26 years of experience with children who struggle with reading and writing. Her experience includes dyslexia, Reading Recovery, and comprehension strategies. She believes that all children can gain confidence and develop skills to become successful readers and writers.
Julie has a Masters in Curriculum and Education- literacy focus from the University of Texas. She is a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (LDT) with the state of Texas. She is also a certified Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher.

Your partner providing expert help for dyslexia and struggling readers through online Orton-Gillingham based lessons.


Lexercise – Online dyslexia support

Jen Parra, M.Ed, LDT, CALT

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Jen Parra founded the Multisensory Reading Center in 2015, and has over 13 years of experience working with children who have learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, LD, and ESL students. She believes that all children can reach their potential once you find the way they learn best.  She also enjoys working with parents to help them better understand how to support their child with learning differences.
Jen has a Masters in Education from Midwestern State University with an emphasis in dyslexia. She is a certified teacher in EC-4, ESL, and Special Ed. K-12. She is also a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), and a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (LDT) in the state of Texas.

June 24, 2017

9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Journey Community Church, Lumberton, TX

SETX Homeschool Expo

Southeast Texas Homeschool Expo

$10 per adult – students 18 & under are free

Facebook: SETX Homeschool Expo
Instagram: SETXHomeschool
Twitter: SETXHomeschool

Lunch options will be available for purchase.

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