Is this the Right Start for you?

June 3, 2018


Is this the Right Start for you?

Come to the SETX Homeschool Expo and see personally if Rightstart Math is RIGHT for you!


This unique, award-winning, hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies and visual pictures for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

The primary learning tool is the AL Abacus, a specially designed two-sided abacus that is both kinesthetic and visual. The AL Abacus is grouped in fives and tens for quick recognition of quantities. The second side of the AL Abacus teaches place value to the thousands. Children develop visual strategies as they use this manipulative.

Practice is provided with math card games, minimizing review worksheets and eliminating stressful flash cards. These games provide interesting and varied repetition that is needed for the automatic responses to the facts. More importantly, these games provide an application for new information and create hours of fun learning math facts and concepts. 

Twenty one additional materials are used in the RightStart™ program. This allows the child to approach topics in a variety of ways, creating understanding and building critical connections.

The RightStart™ Mathematics homeschool program is set up with levels, rather than grades, so that your child can begin at the proper level and advance at their own pace. Placement testing is available here.  The RightStart™ Mathematics program is based on Dr. Cotter’s research and has been used in a recent study in Finland. Do you want to know what others are saying about the curriculum? We have forumscurriculum reviews, and testimonials for your review.  RightStart will be at the SETX Homeschool Expo…..come to our booth and check out what we have to offer.


June 22-23, 2018
Friday 2-6 and Saturday 9-4
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$10/adult online     $15/adult at door

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