The Struggle is Real!

June 3, 2018


The Struggle is Real!

Do you feel it?  Are you experiencing the overwhelming frustration when it comes to higher level math?  There seems to be a great struggle for most families as soon as students hit Algebra.  Parents feel unable to teach it and students get lost in the frustration due to not understanding the algebraic concepts.  Well, struggle no more! Tom Clark with VideoText Interactive will be at the SETX Homeschool Expo to show you an alternative approach to Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  Read below to find out more about VideoText’s Algebra: A Complete Course.

The reason that we named our program “Algebra: A Complete Course,” is that we believe the best way to learn Algebra is to start at the beginning and end at the end! In this program you will find a complete study of the essential material covered in a traditional Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 course.

However, we need to continue a little further with this answer because Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are terms that refer mostly to the traditional way that Algebra has been taught. Traditional Algebra 1 classes attempt to cover most of Algebra in the first year, but the methods that are used, and the speed with which the material is covered, hinders student understanding of the material. Instead, the student is just exposed to memorizing rules, formulas, tricks, and shortcuts. By the time they get to what is called an Algebra 2 course, (sometimes after they take a Geometry course), they have forgotten almost all of the Algebra that they memorized. So, that Algebra 2 course (which is by definition, a rehash of whatever has been called “Algebra 1”), must repeat practically all of the Algebra 1 course. In fact, it usually repeats a lot of the Pre-Algebra material as well. This is usually referred to as the “spiral method” of learning, and it is not very effective in helping students to excel, especially at this level of mathematics.

We think that this huge overlap is generally unproductive, and largely unnecessary if the concepts are taught analytically. Therefore we call our program “Algebra: A Complete Course,” because we employ a mastery-learning approach, sometimes moving at a slower pace, but without the overlap. As a result, students often complete the course even more quickly.

June 22-23, 2018
Friday 2-6 and Saturday 9-4
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$10/adult online     $15/adult at door

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