A Beacon of Light for Southeast Texas Homeschools

May 11, 2017

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A Beacon of Light for Southeast Texas Homeschools

Lighthouse Educational Services is beginning a membership program for homeschool families that will provide opportunities to participate in area homeschool community efforts like a science fair, fun run, scavenger hunt, LHSA sports program and many free or low cost workshops throughout the year, and a member discount at Cornerstone Bookstore! Membership in our organization will also allow you to receive discount membership to HSLDA and THSC in addition to the many other opportunities we provide.

Find out more at our booth at the SETX Homeschool Expo in Lumberton, TX June 24!

By definition, a lighthouse is a tower located at some place important or dangerous to navigation: it has a very bright light at the top, and often foghorns, sirens, etc., by which ships are guided or warned. It serves to lead them back to the safety of the harbor.logo_cmyk

If you need help finding your way as you make choices for your family concerning education, Lighthouse Educational Services wants to be able to give you a direction to help you navigate your way. Using their years of experience along with the resources gathered throughout the community and online, Lori and Veronica will help homeschool families as well as those considering homeschooling find a way that works for them and their children.


 Lighthouse Educational Services is working toward providing:

  • Educational Counseling
  •  Curriculum Assessment/Advising
  •  College Preparation Tools&Services
  •  Dual Credit Coaching and Information
  •  Special Needs Support
  •  Testing and Assessment
  •  Enrichment classes and workshops
  •  Homeschool Guidance
  •  Networking Homeschool Groups
  •  Scholarship Opportunities
  •  Tutoring

And educational workshops that include:

  •  Transcript Preparation
  •  Dyslexia Screening and Counseling
  •  Neurodevelopmental Screenings
  •  Autism Support and Counseling
  •  Writing Intensives
  •  Reading Development
  •  Homeschool Management
  • STEM enrichment

Stop by and get an idea of the opportunities Lighthouse offers and contact them for more information.

Lighthouse Educational Services will be at the SETX Homeschool Expo and you will be able to find out more. They are offering a free hour of homeschool advising and counseling and you can sign up there.

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