Meet with Greenberg Academy at SETX Homeschool Expo!

July 14, 2016


Meet with Greenberg Academy at SETX Homeschool Expo!
Andrea Greenberg(founder)

The Greenberg Academy is a virtual school that offers a variety of services to any home schooled student in addition to those enrolled under the Greenberg Academy umbrella.  It is their mission to promote home schooling by supporting students and families with coursework evaluation, record keeping, transcript validation, academic counseling, and individualized curriculum development.  Teachers can pick and choose services to best support their child’s academic journey.


Coursework evaluation, record keeping, transcript services, and academic/career counseling are provided to anyone free of charge.   

The Greenberg Academy offers additional services to include state-by-state home schooling requirements and resources, legal referrals, and social support.

Greenberg Academy is here to serve home schooled students of the state of Texas, offering a specialized curriculum preparing your child for life and higher education.  The Academy offers a variety of services tailored to the home school family, from coursework evaluation, transcript services, educational counseling, financial counseling, and post-education opportunities.


The school is the brain child of former home schooled students who excelled in self-directed home education and into higher education. Their Board of Directors is comprised of former students of similar backgrounds who have successfully navigated university and graduate school to serve in the private and public sectors.  With their combined knowledge of educational requirements, application processes, financial aid, and career opportunities, it is their mission to provide students with a solid and respected educational background to launch them into the future.


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